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This is one of my favorite pastimes. I love creating handmade gifts, cards, wrappers, and whatnot. I also love taking things apart and creating something new out of them. Aside from writing, it’s my greatest form of self expression.

“Imagination is borne from one’s mind; creativity, from the heart.” – Milai

Giftwrapping: Silver and Blue with Personalized Gift Tag

Wrapper: blue wrapper with silver floral etchings.

Gift Tag: white cartolina colored with silvery blue thumbprints from my index finger using Dong A My Metal Metal Blue 0.7 pen.

Gift Tag Accent: the letter A, which is the first letter of the recipient’s name. This cut-out was colored blue using Crayola Flip-Top marker then sprinkled with Leeho Glitter Glue, also in blue. Silver ribbon was added so my friend can later use the gift tag as a bookmark.

Thank You Card: Quilled Purple and Blue Flowers

Quilled purple and blue flowers with pink center on a diamond-shaped plain white card stock with quilling paper as its border. The background is made from two sets of Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch Garden Trellis puncher. One white pearl in the center as an accent.

The sentiment is printed out with the words traced using Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker in blue. The background is colored using the same marker in shades of dark and light purple. Three metallic pink sequins are then added as an accent. Craft-punch cut-outs arranged in swirls completed this card’s dainty look.

Giftwrapping: Bouquet of Flowers


This is for a friend who loves the color green. In wrapping gifts, I always take into account the receiver’s favorite color to make sure I come up with something that s/he will surely like.

Wrapper:  Plain green paper.

Border:  Recycled greenish ribbon (it’s not clear from the pic though) with dark brown lining.  It’s actually a ribbon from The Face Shop with the said shop’s name printed on it so I placed it facedown (or should I say print-down) on my gift.

Accent background:  Plain green paper (a sheet from a memo pad).  Its vertical sides were then singed with a mosquito coil to create shape and achieve that brownish color.

Main accent:  The yellow, orange and purple flowers are cut out from a gift wrapper and carefully arranged to look like a bouquet.  The brown “flower wrapper” with gold lining is a recycled Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapper folded into a triangle.  The bouquet of flowers is then held together by a piece of recycled slim pink ribbon with silver stitching.