Giftwrapping: Bouquet of Flowers


This is for a friend who loves the color green. In wrapping gifts, I always take into account the receiver’s favorite color to make sure I come up with something that s/he will surely like.

Wrapper:  Plain green paper.

Border:  Recycled greenish ribbon (it’s not clear from the pic though) with dark brown lining.  It’s actually a ribbon from The Face Shop with the said shop’s name printed on it so I placed it facedown (or should I say print-down) on my gift.

Accent background:  Plain green paper (a sheet from a memo pad).  Its vertical sides were then singed with a mosquito coil to create shape and achieve that brownish color.

Main accent:  The yellow, orange and purple flowers are cut out from a gift wrapper and carefully arranged to look like a bouquet.  The brown “flower wrapper” with gold lining is a recycled Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapper folded into a triangle.  The bouquet of flowers is then held together by a piece of recycled slim pink ribbon with silver stitching.


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