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Sinulog 2014

Snapshots from this year’s Sinulog Festival.

Sinulog is held every third Sunday of January in honor of the Child Jesus.  Note the main dancers of each group clutching an image of him.

Spotted: some artistas (celebrities) during the parade:

That’s Daniel Matsunaga (upper left), Empress Schuck (with the red patterned top), and Kaye Abad and Nikki Valdez (in white shirts) who were onboard the IPI (International Pharmaceuticals, Inc) float.

Speaking of IPI, their Egypt-themed float this year was particularly striking:

More photos of floats and giants/giantesses and mascots.

Pardon the quality of some photos since my camera’s batteries (yes, including the spare) got drained (the spare was empty to start with because I forgot to charge it, ugh!) and so I had to make do with taking photos using my Note 2, which hindered me from taking better zoomed-in shots.

Lastly, here’s a collage of photos of the Sto. Niño.

Pit Senyor!


Seen: Showbiz Celebrities and Whatnot at the Sinulog Grand Parade

There was Gary V who looked dapper despite his casual look.


This one’s actually just a tsamba (lucky) shot.  I heard people shouting so I kept on shooting without knowing who it was that I was taking pictures of because I honestly did not recognize Derek Ramsey in his Kidlat costume.


It was only after I reviewed this photo that I knew it was him and with him was Nadine Samonte, his leading lady in Kidlat.

I did recognize Wendell Ramos.


We also saw Maricar Reyes and Charee Pineda.


On the same float were Giselle Sanchez and Charee’s Angelito co-star JM de Guzman (wearing a green shirt).  They said the one in black was Dingdong Dantes but he had his back to us the whole time so I really couldn’t tell.


Lastly, there’s basketball star Doug Kramer.


They said these people are also actors and actresses, but I really am not familiar with them.



Aside from these celebrities, other personalities of note during the Sinulog Parade were people who dressed up as anyone they pleased e.g. Princess Leia and Darth Vader from Star Wars.



Or this Bird Man.


And this giantess.


But this one’s more suited to be on a Halloween parade.


Lastly, it was also interesting to see floats of all sizes and designs.


Sinulog 2013


The word Sinulog comes from the Cebuano word sulog meaning like water current movement, which is said to resemble the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog Dance. This is an annual festival held every third Sunday of January in honor of the Child Jesus.


I’ve been living in Cebu for four years now but I’ve never witnessed this festivity until yesterday since the past years, I was either on duty or on vacation in Aklan where we also have our renowned Ati-Atihan festival.  While Sinulog was interesting to watch, I still and will always prefer Ati-Atihan over it because in the former, the crowds are mainly spectators whereas in the latter, anyone can join in the fun and dance on the streets to their heart’s content.

During Sinulog, unless one has a media ID, it was difficult to take quality photos because they have crowd control to hold back people from getting too close to the participants.  Those who managed to sneak in were asked to get back behind the line once the dancing started.  So pardon the quality of my shots as these were all taken from the sidelines.








And because Sinulog is a festival held in honor of Señor Sto. Nino, I will end this post by posting my  photos taken with him on them.



Viva!  Pit Senyor!


Kalibo Ati-Atihan: Kabog Tribe

The above is one of my favorite shots from this year’s Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival.  The guy’s from the tribe of Kabog, which in our dialect means a bat.  Since I was in high school, this tribe has been a consistent contender for first place due to their very colorful and creative costume though lately, I personally found them to be not innovative because the costume looks almost similar to or recycled from the previous years’.

Below are more photos of Kabog tribesmen.  Pardon the photo quality as during this festival, everyone is so into street-dancing and merry-making that it’s difficult to take perfect shots.

Experience Ati-Atihan, the Queen of Philippine festivals celebrated in honor of the Child Jesus, and Kalibo’s take on Brazil’s renowned Mardi Gras every third Sunday of January each year.