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Too Strong a Bind


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The ties that bind.  It can be friendship, it can be love.  No matter what ties your heart to another’s, always remember that any tie that is bound too strongly is bound to snap.  So go easy on your loved ones.  Do not be possessive.  Correct if you must but do so with gentleness.  Love truly.  Cherish the person.  And always, show to them and let them know you care.  For the saddest part about love is not what is said or done but what isn’t.

the heart weeps


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i watch listlessly
as the sky
is being painted russet
by the setting sun
i heave a sigh
and not out of relief
as my heart sinks
and my face
turns ashen
with my refusal
to cry the tears
that threaten
to spill down
my cheeks.

how can something
with such a promising
have an ending
so heartbreaking?

are meant to be
so they say
but now i know
that they can
and will
break hearts too.

and now i know
that the most painful
part of this
isn’t losing you
but is the awareness
that my heart
is still being held captive
by the same man
who broke it.

but i’ll unchain myself
from you, you’ll see
and i’m starting now
by letting my heart weep
the tears that my eyes
refuse to shed.


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I must have been so stupid
I must have been so out of touch
He must have been so clever
Convincing me that this was really love

I listened in rapt attention as I heard Natalie Walker’s Quicksand for the first time.  Then I smiled.  Oh how many times have I heard of the same stories from people I know?  Or read about such in many novels and watched the stories unfold in quite a number of movies.  Then I remembered that at one point in my life, I too felt the same way.

Love does not fool us.  People do.  And when we realize that we have been fooled by the very people we gave our trust to, the heartache can be so exquisite it can only be heartbreaking.

How many times can my heart break
Disillusioned by the thought of flawless love
Will I ever get there
Or am I drowning in quicksand
With no relief to come.

How can I not know any better?  I have heard this many times too.  Had said it myself.  But then again that was what made him clever.  He who not only made me believe him but made me believe in love as well.  And that’s what made my ordeal worse.

I hurt not only for the person but more so for the love I lost.