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Carcar, Cebu: GIG Valley Villa

We transferred to this private villa after our stay at Sundaze Farm.

What attracted me to this place was their Glass House, as it had sweeping views of the mountains and the sea.

They actually have smaller rooms (the Native A Frame and Modern Bahay Kubo), and I initially thought of booking the Bahay Kubo, but I changed my mind after seeing photos of the Glass House and its private tub.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Of course, this is one major factor in my decision as I now travel around Cebu with Hobbes.

Here he is at the villa’s side entrance, looking oh so dapper in his suit.

The Glass House
Aside from the views of the mountains, the Glass House also has nice views of the villa’s pool.

Here’s Hobbes chilling on our bed while enjoying the view of the mountains.

Beside the bed was a reading nook, which was the perfect spot for chilling in the morning because of the views of the cottony white clouds floating above the lush mountains

Rate: P8,000 per night (Monday to Thursday) and P10,000 per night (Friday to Sunday).

This rate is good for 3 persons and comes with breakfast. (The maximum capacity of the Glass House is 6 persons, with P750 charge per additional person.)

The Glass House is fully air-conditioned with two toilets and a bath (one on the ground floor and one upstairs). It has a spacious living room, too, complete with a karaoke set.

The Kitchen is modern and comes with a refrigerator and microwave.

Everything is provided for, from the cooking ware to the plates and glasses and cutlery. (Though I stayed here for only a night and because I couldn’t be bothered to cook, I ordered a pizza for dinner.)

The Pool
I super love their pool and its views of the mountains.

Too bad it has no heater, so it was cold during the night and early in the morning.

At dusk, the views from the Native House are really nice, as shown in the first photo for this blog.

Here’s a wider shot of the same view.

Come nighttime, colorful lights added to its charm, though I personally did not like it when the pool was red or green, so I always timed my shots when the color was light blue, dark blue, or purple.

This was my favorite part of my stay. Initially, I thought the sunrise wouldn’t be pretty since the sky looked mostly orange-yellow at around 5 AM, but gradually, the sky became prettier.

I thought the above would be my best sunrise photo, but I was mistaken because while walking Hobbes, we chanced on this lovely – the loveliest from this set, I think – sunrise.

Isn’t it pretty, especially with the wisps of clouds crowning the mountains and Hobbes obviously enjoying his walk? (Though later he was too tired, I had to carry him home, hah!)

Our breakfast was ready when we finished our walk, so I quickly changed into my swimwear since I requested a floating breakfast.

The room rate includes breakfast for 2, so I ordered corned beef and bacon. These were served with a glass of (powdered) used tea.

This was where my Gig Valley Villa experience went downhill. The bacon was tough and tasteless – homemade? – and everything was presented without care. Instead of plating the fruits and each set meal separately so that the basket would not look empty, they just put the fruits together and the 2 set meals on just one plate!

I even heard the two staff talking among themselves in the vernacular.

Staff 1: Put flowers (in the floating breakfast).
Staff 2: This is okay. She’s alone, anyway.

Like wut?! I was alone, yes, but I paid for the entire villa for 6! So the least she could do was give me the bare minimum service-wise.

When the owner asked how my stay was, I reported the above and even showed her the difference between their floating breakfast and Sundaze’s. She apologized and even said there should be coffee in my breakfast. (I didn’t want to cause trouble to the staff, but I reported it so it wouldn’t happen to others.)

Good thing the views made up for my sad excuse of a floating breakfast.

Despite my dissatisfaction at my breakfast and the service, I still had a great time at Gig Valley Villa because I finally had a “me (bathrub) time” after a hectic month at work.

I had a great time swimming in the pool, too.

Gig Valley Villa is located in Upper Sangi, Guadalupe, Carcar, Cebu.

Contact them via GIGValleyVilla@gmail.com or +63947-329-0079, or visit their official Facebook page.


Carcar, Cebu: Sundaze Farm

We stayed in Sundaze Farm to celebrate Hobbes’s 5th Gotcha Day last week.

I loved how spacious it was. Everything, from the rooms to the gardens, to every nook and cranny, was well-thought-of and well-maintained.

Of course, the main reason why I chose this place is that they’re pet-friendly.

The rooms
For Php 5,500 on weekdays and Php 6,500 on weekends (good for 4 persons), we got two villas (though I don’t consider them villas as I found them small).

One villa had a queen-sized bed.

I love its flooring, lighting, and accents. The bed was comfortable, but the pillows were too soft and thin. Also, as I have a sensitive nose, I didn’t like how their linens smelled strongly of fabric softener.

The other room has two small beds, ideal for guests with children.

As I traveled solo with Hobbes, we didn’t use this room.

Tip: Book direct through their official Facebook page instead of through Airbnb because it’s cheaper by at least P1,000.

The Pool

Sundaze Farm is known for its heart-shaped pool, which I found corny. Heh.

As we arrived at nearly 2 PM, it was too hot, so I decided to forego swimming and nap instead because I was tired from the almost 3-hour land trip.

Around Sundaze, Day 1
I woke up at nearly 4 PM, and by this time, Hobbes was raring to explore the place, so off we went.

It was nice to go around the farm because the gardens were well-kept, and there were so many picturesque nooks and crannies. We found another pool, too, as they were building a 3rd villa on the farm.

Of course, Hobbes was my model; again, he took his sweet time posing for photos, especially when he was on the swing!

Sunset at the Farm
Ever the sunset-lover, I kept going around the farm to determine the best spot to catch the sunset. This was taken at the view deck.

I thought this was the best that I could get, but when we went to the main hall – I actually don’t know the specific names of each area on the farm as they had no map and no one took us on a guided tour – I was struck by how beautiful the pastel skyline looked!

And from here to our room, we passed by this pretty arch, which looked even prettier because of the colorful stained glass lamps.

As it was no longer hot, I took a quick dip before I had our dinner. The water was perfect, not too cold or warm, and the muted lighting was perfect!

I really couldn’t be bothered to bring my own food or cook whenever I travel, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they could cook for me.

I ordered Tapsilog (Tapa, Sinangag, Itlog), and it was good. The meat was tender and it wasn’t too salty or too sweet as most tapas tend to veer towards either taste.

The two cups of rice were too much, though; I consumed only half.

After my dinner, I fed Hobbes and intended to go night swimming, but I must be so tired because it was already 4 AM when I woke up.

I figured from yesterday’s position of the sunset that the sunrise would be on the other end, so I again went to the stairs view deck. This was the best shot I got.

Hobbes was again his usual model self, so I took snapshots of him, too.

They were still working on this during our stay, and this is the only spot on the farm bearing its name.

Floating Breakfast
This was such a nice arrangement from the farm. Note that this requires prior advice.

I had spam, eggs, fresh buko (young coconut), and fruits.

The buko was sweet and the mangoes were, too. And while I was so looking forward to eating the guyabano (soursop), I wasn’t able to as I was just too full!

Around Sundaze, Day 2
After my sumptuous breakfast, I again holed myself up in the room because it was just too hot outside. I read a book and listened to some music.

Despite the heat and remembering that we booked this only for one night, I explored the farm again before we checked out. So, again, Hobbes became my model.

The farm is a popular photo shoot venue in Carcar, so there are so many places and spaces that one could pose to his heart’s content.

This doorway was my favorite and if you noticed the change in Hobbes’s bandana, it’s because we brought 8 accessories on this trip!

I mentioned on this post that Hobbes loves swings and again, the swings became his favorite spots in Sundaze.

Overall, we had a short and enjoyable stay here. The place was lovely, and the staff was hospitable and accommodating.

It’s perfect for an intimate get-together, especially since you can bring or cook your own food without worrying about the necessary supplies, as Sundaze has spacious dining and kitchen areas.

They even had drying racks, which was very convenient.

The Catch
There were ongoing refurbishments during our stay so we heard some noise in the morning. While tolerable, it would have been nice to be told about this when we booked or before we arrived at the farm.

(For the curious, they were still building the third villa (pictured below) and some tents for camping, so in the future, this place may have more people.)

Another thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the shower and restrooms are outside the guest rooms, with only curtains for privacy. It was a hassle, especially when you get nature’s call at night.

My most unsatisfactory experience here was the presence of a smelly stray dog. Typically, stray dogs don’t bother me. I even feed them, but the one here took off with my swimsuit and later, my newly bought running shoes! Good thing we recovered them, though the shoes sustained chew marks. The owner and the caretaker were very apologetic, and there really wasn’t anything anyone could do, so I just let it be.

My tip? Don’t leave your things, especially your footwear, in the foyer. Also, secure your food, as the caretaker mentioned that other guests had complained about their food being taken by the same brown dog.

I’ll end this post with two of my favorite photos taken at Sundaze Farm.

This was taken during sunrise. I just loved the blue and light yellow colors and the wispy clouds that covered the mountains.

Next is this photo of Hobbes. I just thought he looked so cute here.

Sundaze Farm is located in Valencia, Carcar, Cebu. To book, visit its official Facebook page or email sundazefarmph@gmail.com. You can also reach them via mobile: +63 929-859-4249.

Hobbes Turns 4!

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter this year, we threw Hobbes a Harry Potter-themed birthday party last week.

This was actually a belated celebration since his birthday – okay, gotcha day – was on the 18th, and on that day, we were on a week-long vacation to celebrate his actual gotcha day.

This was his 4th birthday invitation sans the venue and my contact number.

My friends are all used to Hobbes’s smiling face, so they again complimented him for his poses when they saw the invitation.

On the day of our lunch celebration, I had the cake delivered an hour early, so we had time to do our shoot. Here are my favorite cake photos of Hobbes.

The cake was from Chedz, one of Cebu’s most popular cake stores, and I got the inspiration for his cake from Pinterest.

In the past years, I used to order a specialty dog cake from Bubbabakes, but I noticed that Hobbes only took a bite that I ended up throwing the cake, so this time, I ordered a cake for his hooman invitees.  We loved the cake as it was not too sweet, though it stained our teeth and lips because of its color.

The décor was simple and consisted merely of gifts and balloons as I didn’t have enough time to do the preparations.

Here’s Hobbes surveying the venue while patiently waiting for his guests. 

And here’s a close-up shot of Hobbes against some of the gifts.

In case anyone is wondering, I chose the design for his bandana online and had it made by Life is Pawsome Shop.

As for the food, I also ordered everything online.  We had Crispy Pata, Sisig, Lumpiang Shanghai, Buttered Shrimps, Flavored Chicken Wings, Mango Float, and Mini Cupcakes. 

Except for the cupcakes that came with the cake, everything was from Cha’Tasty Kitchen.  Our guests loved all the dishes, especially the Sisig, Buffalo Chicken Wings, and Mango Float.  I really recommend this catering company as they are very accommodating.  The food selection was varied, and the dishes were reasonably-priced and tasted good.  To order, visit their official Facebook page.

When most guests had left by 5 PM, we opened Hobbes’s gifts, which consisted mostly of treats and pet essentials. (A friend was hesitant to open the gifts as she felt they were wrapped too nicely. Ha ha!)

Here’s Hobbes looking all tired that he chose to chill under the table. 

 Still looking swell despite your weariness, Hobbes!

This luncheon was actually the finale of Hobbes’s birthday celebration because, as mentioned, we were on vacation the week before.

Our first stop was to Oslob’s Down South 118 Beach Resort. 

We were here 2 nights mostly to just chill and dine and watch sunrises and sunsets. 

Next, we visited Paraiso Tropicale – Beach Cabin, still in Oslob; this was my favorite destination during this trip.  Here, we had the whole beach and cabin to ourselves for 2 nights and 3 days. 

Paraiso Tropicale is not just a beach as before reaching the main cabin, one had to navigate through about 80 wooden stairs. Here’s another photo of Hobbes in one of the stair’s landing areas.

Our last stop was to Alcoy, specifically to Mangrove Eco Resort and Restaurant.

We had another 2-night stay here; this served the best food among the 3 restaurants.

I’ll just write about each of these resorts in detail in my upcoming posts.

To end this blog, I’ll share snapshots from our Harry Potter-themed photo shoot prior to our week-long trip.

Most of his props, like the scarf, Hogwarts robe, and hat, were bought online, but the broom and wand were handmade. For the broom, I used a big stick and twigs, while the wand was an old chopstick that I traced with a glue gun and colored using a marking pen and glittered Modge Podge.

This is my favorite photo from our shoot.

Isn’t Hobbes the cutest?

Happiest 4th birthday, Hobbsie Doodles!

Hobbes Turns 3!

It’s Hobbes’s third birthday last week – on the 18th, to be exact – and instead of vacationing somewhere to celebrate it, we decided to just have it at home as a precaution to the rising COVID-19 cases in the province.  

We invited our favorite hoomans, and I had fun decorating what was once Plantation Bay’s Penthouse Suite.  

The motif was blue, with Hobbes dressed like a prince. Okay, not really a prince, but he just wore a crown and had a “It’s my Gotcha Day!” bandana courtesy of LifeisPawsomeShop (LiP). Here’s Hobbes, all set to welcome his guests.    

Food-wise, we had lechon belly, chicken inasal, and lumpiang shanghai from 4A’s Lechon. I also ordered Pancit Malabon from Daniella’s and ube and yema cakes from Cardinal. Hobbes had a personalized birthday cake from Bubbabakes, too.  

Isn’t the cake amazing? It showed Hobbes’s trademark tongue-out smile.    

He also received tons of gifts from me and my friends and his vets. Here he is, looking so pleased and princely. Ha ha!  

More photos of Hobbes in his nook.  

And a photo of him with his gifts all lined up so we could account for all and later send our thanks to his godmothers and friends.    

He received several plushies, which are his favorite toys, treats and dog food, clothes, new bandanas, a personalized harness from The Rosey Collective, another harness from Zeedog, and grooming essentials from Aroma Paws.   

There were so many presents that they didn’t fit on our picnic mat!

In the evening, his vets from Animal Wellness visited him, too.  We had dinner in Plantation Bay’s Fiji Restaurant.   

Happiest birthday, Hobbsie! While people always say that you’re such a lucky dog, I feel that I’m the luckier one because I have such a well-behaved and smart furbaby. 

Cebu: Adlawon Vacation Farm (AVF)

Hobbes on the Cocoon Swing, perhaps Adlawon Farm’s most photographed feature.

We stayed here for a night, and it was one short vacation that stirred up fond memories of my childhood.  You see, I grew up in the province and being in Adlawon Vacation Farm was like being home in Aklan, where trees and not buildings dotted the land and the crowing of roosters signaled the break of dawn.   

The Lodge
This is the main structure on the farm. It houses the restaurant (Kusina Luche), two (2) function rooms, a library, lounge and entertainment center, a view deck, and the guest rooms.

The Lodge also serves as the reception/Front Desk area.

Our Room 
I loved our quaint room and its country-style furnishings. I did find the beds small, though.

The workstation was nice, too, but as I was here on vacation, I did not bring my laptop. The TV even remained untouched because while here, I spent most of my time outdoors, just taking in the smell of fresh air and enjoying the views.  

The bathroom was spacious, but its shower was weak, especially the hot water. 

Other cons of the room include the smelly mini-ref and the noisy air-conditioning unit.  Since the lodge is right under the restaurant, I could also hear footsteps and the scraping of chairs.   
All-in-all, though, I was pretty satisfied with our room and my stay.   

Room Details:  
Rate: Php 5,000 per night 
Inclusions: room and breakfast for 2 
Check-in time: 1 PM 
Checkout time: 12 NN 

All three (3) rooms are located on the ground floor of The Lodge.

Note that pets are not allowed in the room.  They allowed me to bring Hobbes only when I agreed to make sure that I would not let Hobbes hop on the bed and the sofa.  They also asked me to bring his own bed.  I did more than that and even brought a waterproof bed and seat covers; these are, in truth, unnecessary because Hobbes never had any accidents inside the house and especially not in the room or the bed.   

The Food in Kusina Luche
Everyone online raved about Adlawon’s food, but I was disappointed with 2/3 of my dining experience here. 

I ordered Chicken Sisig for lunch, and I found it sweet, with more dollops of mayonnaise than I would have liked; I prefer sisig that’s salty and a little spicy.

My buko juice was also bland.   I also would have preferred it served in its shell instead of in a mason jar. 

The only meal that I liked here was my dinner.  Their Lechon Kawali was perfect!  The pork skin was crunchy while the meat and fat were soft.  I loved the banana fritters and atchara, too! 

The guyabano (soursop) shake was also good, with just the right amount of sweetness to counter its natural sourness.   

I had homemade corn ice cream for dessert, and while it tasted good, I didn’t like its consistency.  It wasn’t smoothly blended and seemed like it underwent a cycle of being frozen, thawed out, then frozen again.   

My breakfast was my most disappointing meal here.  The lady who took my order the night before mentioned that their chorizo was homemade, so I ordered it for breakfast.   

It was served dry!  And the hot chocolate tasted too diluted and served lukewarm. Too bad, as it would have been nice to sip it slowly while taking in these views.

They also served my breakfast late.  We agreed on a 7 AM serving time, but it was not served until 7:20 AM.  I also ordered a hard-boiled egg for Hobbes, which they forgot so I again waited for another 15-20 minutes. 

Despite my disappointing experience on the food. I’d still recommend Adlawon’s Kusina Luche for its hospitable staff and ambience/views.

Price-wise, I found it reasonable. Here’s the full menu.

The Farm Itself 
The farm is huge, as one could tell from the map below!  It has a mini-forest, gardens and nurseries, animal pens, camp site, orchards, and even a chapel and its own station of the cross. 

Hobbes was such a ball of energy during our stay here.  It was his first time to see other four-legged animals, so it was amusing to see him whine or bark at goats and horses and a carabao.    

Here’s a slideshow of some of the farms other facilities:

If you have children, the farm has a game arcade and playground. They’ll love the animal encounter site, too.

I just didn’t take a photo, but aside from the above, Adlawon has an aviary and a stable.

I just didn’t take photos but aside from the above, Adlawon also has an aviary and a stable.

Celebrity Steps
This is another popular feature of the farm as seen on countless photo shoots. Of course, Hobbes had his picture taken here, too.

Catching the Sunset 
Always the sunset-lover, I headed out of our room by 5:30 PM in hopes of catching the sunset, but I was afforded with just these views of a pastel-tinged skyline. 

Still, it’s pretty, don’t you think?   

We were lucky that during our stay, the still-not-full moon clearly showed itself.

Here are photos of Hobbes with the pastel-colored skyline and the moon as his background.

At Night 
Nighttime here may be boring for some because there’s nothing to do.  If, however, you’re like me who loves to stargaze and listen to the chirps and buzzes of insects, then you would love it here.

Tip: Bring an insect repellant if you plan to be out at night here.  

Good morning! 
Considering my (lack of) sunrise experience here, I didn’t know if there were sunrise spots in Adlawon, so I wasn’t keen on waking up early. Fortunately, Hobbes has his own body clock so by 5:15 AM, he woke me up so he could go out for his morning business.

And I was glad he did that, because outside, I was greeted with this view:

Still unsure of the sunrise spot, I just chose to follow the orange-tinged sky.   
I was glad I did that because I was rewarded with this view at the Organic Farming area.

I continued my morning walk and found the perfect spot for sunrise-watching by the thickets of bamboo near the Mango Swing.  

I got lucky, too, that there’s a carabao here as it framed my photos nicely. Here are my favorites.

The Swings 
These are my favorite feature of the farm.  I spent most of my hours here reading a book.  Hobbes, too, loved lounging around while enjoying the breeze.   

This one is my favorite because Hobbes looked so chill, like a haciendero enjoying his lot in life. Ha ha!

AVF Farmer’s Market  
Aside from plants, the market sells fruits and vegetables that are guaranteed fresh and reasonably-priced.  The ladies manning the market were also friendly and accommodating.  

Here, I friend asked me to buy her soursop and three varieties of the mayana (Coleus blumei) plant.  I also bought boiled peanuts – a treat that I haven’t had in years – and a pot of mint.   
If you’re into souvenirs, Adlawon sells handmade bags and mugs and pasalubong items like olive oil, vinegar, cookies, and pastillas. I recommend the pastillas.  

I would have loved to try their Olive Oil, but both were out of stock.

Guidelines on Pets 
While pet-friendly, Adlawon does not allow dogs inside the restaurant or the room, as previously mentioned. 
But pet parents need not worry because they have a designated pet station.   

Refer here for the complete pet guidelines: 

Before I end this post, I’m sharing this tip: if you don’t want to stay overnight and just wish to dine and take photos, avoid coming here during the weekend and on holidays when the place was teeming with people.  When we were there, people started arriving in batches from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. 

For more information about Adlawon Vacation Farm (AVF), visit their official Facebook page  or contact +63 942 266 7392.