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SMS Spam: Caritas Health Shield Healthcard Provider

Woke up to a notification from my phone about a received message.  As it was still a little past 6 AM, I immediately reached out to the side table to read the message thinking it could only be from a family member or someone from work texting me about something important.  Imagine my annoyance when the message turned out to be a spam.

Wow.  I can’t believe the sender’s gall in naming himself Mr. Rafael Bautista (+639066199015) when it’s obvious that he’s up to something.  For one, I am not a client of Caritas Health Shield so how can they give me “thanksgiving rewards” when I did not avail of their services.  Free family medical benefits and Php6,800 GC for Derma and Dental services?  Anyone gullible would have jumped at the opportunity but not me.  Oh yes, definitely not me.  I’ve read about scams telling people they get free something but when they go to the sender’s office to claim their “free gift” they are asked to shell out some money or become an agent of the company.  How unscrupulous!

This is not the first time I received SMS spam from Caritas Health Shield as I also received the same message from a certain Ms. Honey Reyes (+639051884442) last November 7.

I actually received the same offer from other Caritas Shield agents but I immediately deleted them once read and registered their numbers as spam in my contact list.  Still, the same messages keep on coming.  What boggles my mind is how they discovered my number when this is a new one (barely a month) that not even my friends know of (I have a different personal number) and under a corporate postpaid account at that.