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Missing Gold Coast


I still dream of waking up to the sun’s caress on my face, of home-cooked meals and wine and cider…



I miss looking out at the beguiling sea, with its blue-green waters gathering together to create frothy waves that tirelessly kiss the shores…


I yearn to again be distracted from my reading or writing by the stunning Gold Coast skyline metamorphosing from a canvas of blue and white to a painted masterpiece of pink and purple and orange and gold…


I so miss my do-nothing days, my reverie occasionally broken by quiet conversations, or the sight of cottony clouds, dramatic moonrises, and captivating crepuscular rays…


These – and the sound of the crashing waves, the scent of oranges and peeled lemons, and the freeing feeling of being disconnected from a fast-paced world – I miss but am glad to have committed to memory.


Until we meet again, my beautiful side of somewhere. ūüôā

Today’s Sunrise, September 17, 2015

Today I got sidetracked from jogging/brisk walking around Plantation Bay by this view.

Sunrise 03
It was low tide. Normally, I don’t like being by the beach during low tide, but when it is sunrise, I appreciate it since the craggy seafloor makes the shot more interesting.

After taking the above shot, I resumed my exercise only to again get sidetracked after one round of jogging because of this other lovely view.

Sunrise 01
The skyline just looked so pretty, don’t you think? And I loved how the trees made the look more tropical.

When I approached the beachfront, it was still low tide, but water was starting to get closer to the shore.

Sunrise 02
Oh, what I’d give to just spend my day in one of these loungers, reading a book while listening to the crashing waves…

But I had to earn a living so I stopped my morning reverie, took this parting shot and resumed my morning exercise so I could prepare for work.

Sunrise 04
Pardon the discernible noise in these photos. As mentioned, I was out jogging so I only had my iPod with me to take these shots. Editing courtesy of Snapseed.

Phoneography Challenge: Sunrise at Kiltepan

I love sunrises and sunsets by the beach, but it is only during this trip that I realized that a sunrise high up the mountains is a magnificent spectacle that everyone should see in this lifetime.

Kiltepan Sunrise

Sunrise at Kiltepan is definitely one of the most beautiful sights I’ve set my eyes on. It was amazing to see the cloud-blanketed mountains against a backdrop of hues of violet blue and pink, and it was an even more amazing experience to be higher than the clouds. ¬†There was a feeling of reverence as I took in the captivating views before me and marveled at God’s handiwork.

Photo taken using a 5th generation iPod Touch.

This post is an entry to the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge by¬†Lens and Pens by Sally. ¬†This week’s theme is Nature.

Samboan: Waking Up to the Sunrise of the South + a Teaser Photo of Dao Falls

We had a long weekend last week so my friend and I decided to go falls-hopping in Samboan, a fifth class municipality about 150 kilometers south of Cebu City.

We arrived at the South Bus terminal at around 1 AM for our 2 AM Ceres bus, but to our dismay, the bus did not arrive until 3:30 AM. ¬†By then, another bus company, Sunrays, had arrived. ¬†Despite Sunray’s non-aircon bus, we opted to take it since it was a direct trip to Samboan (Ceres was via Barili).

Because we were exhausted from work and all the waiting, we slept the whole duration of our trip.  I only woke up when I felt the first rays of sunshine on my face.

Here’s my first view of that day’s sunrise.

Samboan Sunrise 01
As the bus cruised along the highway, I relished the feel of the summer breeze on my face. ¬†This is actually why I prefer to ride non-air-con buses during trips to provinces – it’s nice to inhale air that is devoid of pollution and smog.

Another reason why I prefer taking non-air-con buses on provincial trips is that on them, I can snap photos anytime.  (Most air-conditioned buses have immovable windows that prevent me from taking really good shots of the scenery before me.)

Too bad I couldn’t will the bus to stop anytime to take photos, so some of my shots were either blurry or skewed. ¬†Good thing it’s now easy to straighten photos.

Here’s a photo that I had to crop because there was a¬†signage by the breakwater that ruined my composition.

Samboan Sunrise 01
Here’s another one.

I love how the clouds looked fluffy.  Too bad I had to again crop this since the signage is right underneath the sun.

If I’m not mistaken, we were in Boljoon when I chanced on the above.

From Boljoon to Oslob, I kept on snapping photos in between snacking on the sandwiches I brought with me.

Here’s ¬†one of my better photos from this set.


I love how the coconuts and trees framed the sunrise on the above photo.

On this photo, the fluffy clouds again made an appearance.
This is another photo of the same scenery, but this time, I zoomed in for a closer shot.

Morning had broken, and everything looked so serene.

Here’s another favorite because the plants again nicely framed the sunrise and clouds.

Up next is my blog about Dao Falls, the tallest waterfall in Samboan with a 90-foot vertical drop of water.

Here’s a teaser photo.

Dao Falls
Till next!

Today’s Sunrise, April 13, 2015

I usually report for work at 8 AM, but today, I decided to come in at 7 AM since I have to work on a report that was due before 12NN.

On my way to the office, I was sidetracked by this view.

sunrise 04132015-03

I watched in amazement as the sun peeked among the clouds to shine its light.¬† Even more amazing was the formation of the clouds around it and over the resort’s saltwater lagoon that everything looked perfectly framed.

I watched as the sky changed from yellow to white and the sky gradually turned blue.

sunrise 04132015-01
I love the clouds, especially when they are cottony white and contrast nicely with the sky.  I can spend the whole day watching them scurry by, or take various shapes.

I don’t have all day to appreciate this though, since I knew it would be another manic Monday for me so I took this last shot before finally going to my office.

sunrise 0413-02
Photos taken using an iPhone 6.