How Far I’ve Come

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I run and keep on running.  My legs ache and my sweat-stained face mirror my exhaustion.  I slow down my pace a bit and strain my eyes to see what is beyond me.  “How far is and how long will it take me to the finish line?” I muse.

I continue running until my legs feel as if they cannot support me any longer.  And so I stop.  Chest heaving, I breathe in gulps of air.  My heart feels as if anytime soon, it will burst.  Left with nothing to do, I stand still and look farther out into the horizon.  Then it hit me.

I have been so consumed with worrying about how far I am from my destination that I forgot to look back.  If I had, I would realize the long journey I had.  The many meters and all the twists and bends that I encountered and hurdled.  And the successes gained and lessons learned along the way.

Life’s journey is not entirely about how far I am from reaching my goal.  It is also about how far I have come from the starting point and how my experiences have molded me into the person that I am today.


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