Aklan: Kitty’s Kitchen

Ambiance:  Casual dining.  The restaurant serves ribs, burgers, pasta, and other meals.

I love this wooden decor on their wall.

What I had:  I ordered their monster burger that they boasted as “one of the biggest burgers” one will ever have.  I was thus expecting a really big and filling burger but was disappointed when it was served.

The bun was big all right but that’s the only thing that’s big on my meal.  The patties were thin and tasteless and burnt even when I requested for them to be done medium well.  The accompanying meager serving of potatoes were sliced so thin a couple had gone crunchy.  Ever the cheese lover, I was expecting the cheese to be delicious but it was bland (Kraft Cheddar would have tasted yummier).  Then there’s the dollop of ketchup and mayonnaise that made the presentation tacky.

For my drinks, I had their coffee shake that was rather sweet.

Since I was not very happy with my burger, I ordered French Fries smothered in cheese and I must say that this saved my somewhat disappointing dining experience in this restaurant.

The fries were done well (crunchiness and taste-wise) and the generous serving of cheese and what tasted like tomato salsa complemented it.  It was so yummy I scraped the cheese and salsa off the plate with my last remaining fries.

Service:  The service was slow considering that I was the only customer there (later joined by my cousin).  The staff also didn’t care if they were horsing around within view of their guest but this may be because they thought I could not understand them talking in their dialect.

Kitty’s Kitchen is located in Rizal Street, Kalibo, Aklan.  Contact them through +63 36 268 9444.


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