My Freedom Versus God’s Will

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I know I am created by God.  Never for once have I doubted this.  I know my life is His gift but growing up, I gradually but surely claimed it as my own.  My mantra has always been the lines in William Ernest Henley’s Invictus that say,

 “I am the master of my fate:
 I am the captain of my soul.”

My freedom versus God’s will.  These two contrasting choices make decision-making quite a struggle for me.  But because I am obstinate and want to always be in control, my freedom to choose what I want almost always wins.

Over the years, I have lived my life the way I want it lived but lately, I am bothered by this constant nudging I feel in my heart.  I know God wants something else for me but it is just typical of me to hold on to what I want.  And so we clash.

Today’s prayer though answers everything for me.  My freedom and God’s will need not contrast.  My Lord and my God and I need not clash.  For it is when I use my freedom to choose His will that the best decisions are made.

My life is a collaboration between God and me and it is when I control less of it that I do more than better for it is when I let go and let God that I do and am at my best.


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