Palawan Cherry


It’s Cherry Blossom season in Japan right now but few people know that here in the Philippines, we have our own Palawan Cherry that looks so much like Cherry Blossoms.  Most Filipinos are also unaware of this because when I posted this in my Facebook page, my friends thought it was taken in Japan.  I admit that I too did not know about us having such a beautiful tree until I saw the tree in full bloom here at Plantation Bay.


And the flowers look even more beautiful up close.




I was so mesmerized that I did some research and thankfully came across this site where I finally confirmed its name.  Further, I learned that Palawan Cherry or Cassia nodosa is a species that is native to the island of Java, in Indonesia.  As observed, this too blooms only during summer.

Here are vivid shots of these lovely blossoms, with the edges blurred.



Aren’t they so dainty and pretty?



38 thoughts on “Palawan Cherry

  1. kimbawhite

    I can almost smell their gentle fragrance. Truly beautiful. We have similar trees here in Australia.

    1. milai Post author

      Aloha. 🙂

      Palawan Cherry only blooms during the summer season. I normally see it start to bloom in March. The photos I shared here are all taken in Plantation Bay in Cebu though during a recent trip to the northern part of the island, I saw the same trees in bloom.

      I’ve seen some Facebook posts of friends showing pictures of the same trees from our province in Aklan.

      I was also told that Palawan Cherry is quite popular in Palawan that they even have a festival about it.

      Hope this helps.

  2. milai Post author

    You’re very welcome. 🙂 Summer is always the perfect time to visit Cebu because the weather’s perfect for sightseeing and swimming.

  3. mustachio

    I spotted a few in the city. There’s one in ML Quezon Avenue in Mandaue, another in Hernan Cortes Street (near Metro Supermarket), and another in Kaona Grill in Lahug (I think Kaona’s already closed, I don’t know if the tree is still there).

  4. Eve

    The photos are awesome! It won’t be a shame to have it side by side with the more popular cherry blossoms from the temperate regions. I hope you don’t mind me “stealing” one shot for my personal blog. (Captioned with credits to your blog, of course.) Thank u.

  5. Josefine Hussain

    The cherry blossom tree, locally known as Balayong, is a medium-sized tree that produces light pink flowers from February to May. The tree is an attraction in other parts of the world, notably Japan, where millions visit every spring just to see rows of its pink blooms. The city government will assign ninongs (godfather) to monitor the growth of the trees, Bayron said.


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