Cebu: Caohagan Island

This island is a popular island hopping and swimming destination because of its long stretch of white-sand beach.

Took this photo of the island from afar.


And this, when we disembarked from our boat.


To get to the island’s beach, we had to walk through their barangay, which was really nice because it gave us a glimpse of how the locals live: my favorite Indian mango sold for Php 2 each, roosters as pangsabong (cockfight), a couple sleeping on a papag (wooden bed), children perched on the balcony of their nursery center, a fisherman earning his keep, and two local children who asked me to take their photo.


Finally, we arrived on their sandy beach. While my friends were buying some clams for lunch, I roamed around and took photos. Here’s my favorite:


This one’s taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I just recently discovered the joy of taking panoramic shots, and I’m just happy my phone has this feature.


Caohagan is also famous for its fresh seafood – fish, clam, crab, seashell, lobster, etc. Their prices are a tourist trap, though.


Aside from their seafood market, the island also has a souvenir shop. Again, the prices are expensive e.g. a necklace I can buy for Php 50 in Mactan Shrine is sold at Caohagan at Php 150 to Php 200.


It also has cottages for rent (bottom right picture on the above collage). Pardon my ignorance on the rates (docking, cottage rental, etc) as we were not charged anything because my colleagues knew the island’s caretaker.

From talking with the vendors, we learned that the island is owned by a Japanese who has been living in the island for about 2 decades now. They added that he takes really good care of them. He built a primary school, sends scholars to college, and gives them medical assistance. He also taught them quilt making and now, most women from the community supplement their husbands’ earning through this craft. ย These women sell their finished products to the Japanese who exports them to Japan.

Before leaving the island, we were lucky to chance on this lady who was painstakingly working on a handmade quilt.


I was amazed because she was doing it without a sample photo or guide. ย How artistic!


26 thoughts on “Cebu: Caohagan Island

  1. Jesse Bo

    Visited there today. As soon as you arrived on the island you are immediately swamped by vendors trying to sell you goods and 50+ children begging money. Best to stay away from this island.

  2. juleene

    Ever since I ate mangos in Cebu, I have never been satisfied with mangos in the United States. Boy, I miss them. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    1. milai Post author

      Thank you too for the visit and for the kind words about our mangoes. There’s another island in Visayas that’s the mango capital of the Philippines. You should visit it when you come back here. It’s called Guimaras.

  3. Emz

    Visited hir long time ago with my friends.. It was really a paradise… But i love to come back here this month… I think it has a lot of progress… Is there any chance i would know how can i rent a cottage or room???

  4. T. Madigan

    Beautiful blog, Milai and beautiful pictures too! It looks like it was quite the memorable trip. Thanks for sharing and thanks, too, for the like and I hope you don’t mind that I follow you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. dannybloom

    The news about this island is in next magazine today in Taiwan with photos of yoshie and yuko. Do you know them. I live in Taiwan with my filipina wife lolita. She is from cebu. We met in Alaska.


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