Cebu: Sunset in Lapu-Lapu


In my nearly 5 years here, I have never seen sunsets as beautiful as the above. You see, it’s sunrises that are easily seen from the beach.  I have sunset shots taken here, but they’re always of a colorful sky, not of the setting sun.


This sunset is different precisely because of the perfectly rounded sun. It was what struck me the moment I saw it.

Here’s my favorite shot.


Pardon the photo quality.  Mira II, my Canon Powershot G12 camera, conked out on a recent trip to Sagada and I’m still familiarizing myself with my Sony RX 100 II.


1 thought on “Cebu: Sunset in Lapu-Lapu

  1. jankurdt

    lovely sunset, indeed!

    and your photos turned out amazing. sometimes i think it doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re using the best camera in the market. because for as long as you capture the beauty of the moment, then it’s all good. (although i admit having a good camera helps in that purpose too.)


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