Plantation Bay: Red Sunrise

I took this set of photos on June 21.  Though it was a Sunday, I had been awake since 4:30  AM working on some crafts and watching my favorite shows on Fox Channel.  At about 5 AM, I headed out of my room to get some water and that’s when I noticed the very red skyline.  In my 5 years here, I have never seen it that way.  Not wanting to miss documenting it, I grabbed my camera and headed to the beachfront, which is where the sun rises in this part of Cebu.

And what I saw made me stop on my tracks as I took in the sight of the most dramatic sunrise I’ve seen so far in Plantation Bay’s Galapagos Beach.

“Late na ka, Miss,” the guard who is very familiar with my morning photo walk told me as I started snapping photos.  “Ganiha, lingin kaayo ang adlaw.  Nanago naman na gud siya ron.”  Translation:  You’re late, Miss.  Earlier, the sun was a perfect circle.  Now, it hid itself among the clouds.”

I smiled.  “It’s okay,” I replied in the vernacular.  “What’s important is that I still get to see such a beautiful sight.”

And it’s true.  This particular sunrise was very beautiful.

I stayed for about 30 more minutes and watched as the red skyline lightened to red orange then shades of orange and yellow.  I snapped more photos as fishermen in their boats passed by.

Here’s one of my favorites from this set:

Isn’t it so dramatic?


8 thoughts on “Plantation Bay: Red Sunrise

  1. eddiemyers

    thanks for stopping by and liking my post. Nice shots. There is something about the quiet , still moments as the sun rises over the water that just nourishes your soul. Best Wishes!

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