Another Sunrise, Another New Beginning

sunrise for a new beginning
So I finally bought the domain to thoughtstalesandwhatnot and tweaked my blog’s settings.  I also updated my About page.  It’s a new beginning for me, and I wouldn’t have been inspired to take this blog seriously if not for those who have been frequent readers of this blog.  Special shoutout to seedbud, Indah, jewey, 2ndhalfoflife, Anil, Bethula, Risty, Deb, Paul, and most especially to Tina for the likes, follow, and comments.  I appreciate your taking the time to go over my writing and photos.  Thank you.

Photo taken at Plantation Bay’s Galapagos Beach.  As I have mentioned many times on this blog, this is my favorite spot in our 11.4-hectare resort during sunrise.  I love the above photo since the sky is not the usual orange and yellow as shared in my previous posts (click here and here).  The colors are all pastel, which makes it especially pleasing to the eyes.

4 thoughts on “Another Sunrise, Another New Beginning

  1. Deb

    Congrats on buying the domain , I think that is when a blog / website really starts to feel like your own. I recently switched my business website over to WordPress as I felt it was a great format for combining website and the blog. Enjoy the experience and run with it.


    1. milai Post author

      Thanks, Deb! So true. I used to be on Blogger, but I like WordPress more and after 2 years, felt it’s time to make a more personalized, ad-free site.


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