Camiguin: White Island

White Island is perhaps Camiguin’s best known beach.  With Mt. Hibok-Hibok as its backdrop, it is one picturesque uninhabited island.

Most people come here in the morning but my guide, Kuya Criz, suggested that we come here in the afternoon because then, it would be low tide so the sandbar is bigger.  Note that going to the island is dependent on weather and tide conditions.

After paying Php 420 as entrance and banca fees, we set sail to the famed White Island.  I loved it at first sight.  It was such a long stretch of sandbar (the longest that I’ve seen so far) surrounded by clear blue-green waters.

When I alighted from my chartered banca, I was pleased to discover that its sand was fine, though still not as fine as Boracay’s.

The best part about this visit?  White Beach was not crowded at all!  I counted only about half a dozen bancas and maybe only a dozen tourists.

Kuya Criz was right.  Not only was it low tide in late afternoon, but there were so few people it was easy to find my own secluded spot and just watch the world pass me by while listening to some music  (I would have preferred listening to the crashing waves but the waves here were just gently  lapping against the shore, frothy, and almost soundless).

I didn’t feel like swimming so I just took as many photos of Mt. Hibok Hibok at different angles.  I loved watching the sea and the sand at its feet.

I had fun too writing my name on the sand and doing my best to photograph it before the crashing waves could erase it.

The sight of docked bancas was also beautiful to look at, especially since they’re colored yellow, white, blue, or red, thus blending well with the sea’s azure color.

At around 5:30 PM, our respective banca drivers told us that it’s time to head back because once darkness settled, it would be quite a challenge to make our way back to shore.  Hearing this made me sad as I could already see the sky with streaks of yellow-orange and was looking forward to sunset.

But safety always comes first so I grudgingly followed my guide.

Here’s a collage of how the island looked like as we were leaving.

Our ride back was interesting because I could see the sun gradually setting and painting the sun in vivid shades of red and yellow.  It was beautiful!

Here’s my favorite sunset photos:

Isn’t it beautiful to look at the sun meeting the sea in the horizon?


13 thoughts on “Camiguin: White Island

    1. milai Post author

      Thank you so much for the high praise! The Philippines has a lot of really beautiful beaches and this is one of them.

      Your photos are beautiful too!

  1. tinablackledge

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic shots! I can easily imagine myself spending all of eternity upon the beach. Wonderful, just wonderful, thank you!

      1. tinablackledge

        That is incredibly generous of you and I would love to see your beautiful country in person. My soul would definitely take flight to see these wonders with my own eyes. Unfortunately, my health does not permit travel so I must enjoy the experiences and images of others, which is why I am so grateful for blogs like yours and your generous spirit to share it with the world!

      2. milai Post author

        I’m so sorry to know that. Praying for your well-being. I’ve gone over your poems and found them so poignant. Thanks for sharing them with us. We can feel the emotion and sincerity in your carefully crafted words. God bless you!

      3. tinablackledge

        🙂 I am so pleased you enjoyed my writing. I attempt to write from my soul as that is what holds me together. My ailments are not new and they will not go away but I am exceedingly grateful that I have been born in a time where someone like myself experience things through the eyes of others! thanks again!

    1. milai Post author

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for the compliment. 🙂

      I echo your sentiments in your post about war. Thanks for putting our thoughts into words. 🙂

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