Camiguin: Casa Roca Inn

After enjoying White Island’s sandbar and views, I asked Kuya Criz to bring me to Casa Roca Inn for dinner.  I chose to dine here since TripAdvisor ranked it as the number one restaurant in Camiguin.  It was also the number one accommodation under the B & B category and I initially wanted to stay here, but they were already booked for my preferred dates so I opted for Enigmata and Camiguin Action Gecko for my accommodations.

I loved the casa’s quaint and rustic accommodations.  It looked very homey.

We were lucky that when we arrived, the setting sun was still visible so I headed straight to their viewing deck by the beach.

I loved how the plants and trees framed the colorful sky.

After taking photos, I headed back to Casa Roca’s dining area to order my dinner.  I chose Chicken Mushroom Pot Pie at Php 220 and Kuya Criz had Asian Chili and Garlic Fresh at Php 180.  We had Pepsi for our drinks at Php 20 per 8 oz bottle.

While waiting for our food, I took photos of the dining area.  I also met a new friend.

I marveled at how friendly their dog was that it let me pet him.  And all throughout my meal, it stayed at my feet, looking at me with those warm, trusting eyes.

When my order arrived, I excitedly dug in.  I love English pies and their menu’s description of my order being “a pastry pie made from scratch with tender boneless chicken breast” made me think I was in for a treat.  I was disappointed though because the chicken was overcooked, the crust was too thick, and it tasted bland.  Good thing there were fries for me to eat.

I asked Kuya Criz how his meal was and he also didn’t like it.  He said it was too spicy.

Though my meal here was a disappointment, the service was prompt and the server was friendly.  The Caucasian owner and his Filipina wife, who we were told does the cooking, even waved hello.

A tip to those who want to dine here:  Contact them first if they are open since as per the food attendant, when the couple is away, they do not accommodate diners.  And oh, do bring insect repellant and smother yourself with it.  There were so many mosquitoes when we dined!

I’ll end this post with my favorite sunset photo taken at their view-deck.  It’s of the colorful skyline fringed by cogon grasses.

Casa Roca is located in National Highway, Baring, Naasag, Camiguin.  Contact them via their official website.


5 thoughts on “Camiguin: Casa Roca Inn

  1. tinablackledge

    The sunset is beautiful. i love the rugged look of the inn but am sorry to hear how disappointing your dinner was. One of the worst things while traveling is being hungry, having very few options, not enjoying the food for which you pay and then leaving the restaurant/inn still hungry!
    The mosquito issue would definitely turn me off making it a big “con” in my list. Thanks for your great posts!

  2. ladybrown

    thank you for coming and took our beautiful place pics without any doubts and blog it..sorry since the whole place is an open area then our mosquitoes and all kinds of creatures are free. to roam around. so I recommend you stay in an isolated aircon place cause this is not a place for you.good thing our monitor lizard did not drag you over the cliff we have plenty of them. as for the much was your bill…? we do what we do here.we dont need TA to tell us what to do or how they put us..we are who we are as you could see.. this place is not good for everybody I say…

    1. milai Post author

      You’re very welcome.

      And please, stop being so defensive and downright rude. Haven’t you heard of constructive criticism? There’s no need to be catty. So much for good service, huh?

      I understand that the place is open. Why not put some citronella candles and a fan and fumigate the area from time to time?

      Yes, it is your casa. It is your restaurant and you do what you gotta do, but if you don’t listen to customer feedback, what’s the purpose of you being in the service industry?

  3. Angelica Santibanez

    “How much is your bill???” WOW what a biatch! Mayaman ka teh? Graduate ka ba ng La Salle? Grammar mo nga mali-mali! Nakapag-asawa lang ng matandang puti maka-asta akala mo kung sinu na?? How much exactly were you making before you opened your legs to an old,fat, white man?? Learn to accept constructive criticism and don’t be in the service industry if you DON’T HAVE A BREEDING!

    1. Dan Brown

      The author’s comments were constructive and by no ways insulting. That is what critics do, report on their experiences. As far as Angelica goes, maybe she should learn how to properly type in full English before she tries to sound smart. “Before you opened your legs”, and “If you don’t have a breeding”, that is funny, stay home and let the educated people talk.


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