Camiguin: Sights and Sites from Day 1


taken en route to Sto. Niño Cold Spring

Aside from seeing the Walkway to the Old Volcano, Sto. Niño Cold Spring, Tuasan Falls and White Island, which I have blogged about individually, here are bits and pieces of the sights I saw and the sites I visited during day 1 of my trip to Camiguin.

Old Vulcan
We had a quick stopover at the National Road to view the Old Vulcan and beach.

Here, I was amazed at how tall the coconut trees were!

Bura Soda Water Park
This was touted as the one and only in the country where you can swim to a pool of soda water, but I read from various blogs that the name was just a misnomer because the water here does not taste like soda at all.

Note that this was closed for maintenance and refill when I was there so I only took photos from its gate.

Guiob Church Ruins
This was built sometime in the 16th century.  Here, one can see ruins of a bell tower (upper right photo), ruins of a convent (center photo), and a century old tree beside the ruins o the convent (upper left photo).

Entrance here is free, though there’s donation box if you want to give something to the community.

Lanzones (Lansium parasiticum)
Outside the ruins are some locals selling souvenirs and since I had been wanting to taste their lanzones (Camiguin is the Philippines’ lanzones capital), I bought 3 kilos for only Php 100.  Wow.  A hundred pesos for a kilo?  That’s really quite a bargain as elsewhere, lanzones is sold at Php 40-50 per kilo and they’re not even as sweet!

Note that these lanzones photos were not taken at the ruins.  I chanced upon this tree en route to Tuasan Falls so I asked Kuya Criz to stop so I could take photos.  The photo on the upper right, though, is the photo of the lanzones I bought outside the ruins.

Sunken Cemetery
This large cross marks a cemetery swept into the sea by Old Vulcan Daan’s eruption in 1871.  This is perhaps Camiguin’s most famous attraction (it’s always featured in their brochures and my image of Camiguin has always been one of a beach with a giant cross).

Note that there’s no entrance fee if you will be just by the viewdeck, but if you want to go to the cross itself, you can rent a banca for Php 100.  I chose not to do this since we were in a rush to get to White Island as Kuya Criz said there’s a cut-off for bancas going there.

More Sights and Sites
Whenever I travel, I make it a point that I’m comfortable so I always charter a vehicle for my tours.  One of its conveniences is that I can always ask the driver to stop by somewhere that has taken my fancy so that I can take photos.

Here are random photos from Day 1, which is of anything from a coconut-dotted beach to coconut-lined roads, to one dramatic leave-less trees with branches that extend towards the beach.

I’ll end this post with a photo of Camiguin’s most known attraction.

Surreal and serene, isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Camiguin: Sights and Sites from Day 1

  1. tinablackledge

    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your trip! I love the beaches with the rocks on them. The contrast of texture and colors is great. I have never heard of the fruit you bought at such a bargain. What does it taste like? Thanks again!

    1. milai Post author

      That photo of the beach with rocks is my favorite too!

      Lanzones tastes like grapefruit, but it’s less sour. It’s one of my favorite fruits. I believe it’s popular here in Southeast Asia.

  2. Mei Mei

    Hi Milai!

    Thanks for sharing your trip. This is a great help!

    Can you please give me the contact no. of your tour guide “Kuya Criz”?
    We’re going to Camiguin on January, and I’m planning a DIY itinerary. But of course, I thought that we could use some help renting a chartered vehicle.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


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