Camiguin: J & A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant and Tanguines Lagoon

Camiguin’s Tanguines Lagoon is a man-made lagoon that features limpid blue water and, when viewed from the main road, gently rolling hills at its foreground.  It has a zipline too (note the wire in the succeeding photo).

I did not come here to do the zipline, or to go fishing, which is another popular activity when in the lagoon.  I came here to eat lunch at J & A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant.

I loved the entrance of the restaurant.  I don’t know what the hanging roots-like plant and hanging leaves are called, but they make the entrance interesting.


Ambience-wise, I loved the idea that there were individual cottages on stilts overlooking Tanguines Lagoon.  I also appreciated the fact that the place was not packed with diners when we were there.

For my lunch, I ordered fish kinilaw (ceviche), shrimp (half a kilo was fried and the other half was made into sinigang), rice, and a liter of coke.

The serving was generous and even for two people, it was a lot.  I loved my kinilaw and sinigang, but I was disappointed with the fried shrimp because it was overcooked and too oily.  Still, it was one good lunch.

 While waiting for my bill, I wandered around and took photos.  Here are my favorites.

I loved looking at the placid blue waters.  I would have loved to go fishing, but our tight schedule did not permit as to linger here.

J & A Fishpen is located in Tanguines Lagoon, Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin.

Contact them via +63 919 753 8999 or +63 88 387 4408.  Note that for those who will not dine in the restaurant, a Php 5 entrance fee applies.


12 thoughts on “Camiguin: J & A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant and Tanguines Lagoon

  1. tinablackledge

    I am so glad you have the opportunity to get out of your “four wall” life and I am especially grateful that you are able and willing to blog about it. I so enjoy your photos and comments! Thank you.

    1. milai Post author

      Thanks for your insightful comments. I love going over them!

      Work sometimes gets monotonous so whenever I have the chance, I travel or at the least, read blogs like yours that can bring me places, or make me feel, and dream, and hope. 🙂

      1. tinablackledge

        Yes, always dream, feel, and hope until they become what you do to make your living! Follow your passion and change your little corner of the world! You brighten my day with your blog. Thank you.

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  5. Carissa Bongalosa

    Hi, Milai,

    I’ve been to this restaurant, too, and I agree with a few of your observations except with this: “the lagoon is man-made”.

    It’s not.

    I’m quite sure the lagoon is a naturally occurring geothermal body of water. The fish pens are artificial but the lagoon is all nature’s work. 🙂

    1. milai Post author

      Hi Carissa,

      Thank you for your comment. I based what I wrote on what some locals and my guide told me. Most online sources also mentioned that the lagoon is man-made (, Even the official website of Camiguin described Tanguines as man-made:

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Camiguin.

      Happy travels! 🙂

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