Camiguin: My Favorite Sunset Photos Taken at Action Geckos

I mentioned in my previous post that I spent almost a quarter of an hour watching the sun set at Action Geckos’ beachfront.  I was so into the moment that I had over 50 photos from this experience.  In this post are my favorites.


the sun’s metamorphosis

I started camping out by the beachfront when I started seeing the skyline turn yellow orange.

IMG_3013Then it turned rounder and the skyline changed to orange.

IMG_3034I watched in amazement as little by little, the once blue and yellow orange/orange skyline turned red orange.


It was that dramatic shade of red orange that from where I sat, it looked like the horizon was afire.  


As I looked at the beauty of the setting sun before me, I thought of how no matter how many sunrises or sunsets I see, I never get tired of looking at either as I find them so beautiful!


At some points, I stopped taking photos and just enjoyed the stunning views while the crashing waves tempted to lull me to sleep.

Moments like this make me recall the lyrics to a Snow Patrol song.  It says, “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?”


Being a witness to views like this sure made me forget the world I left behind.  For a time, I wasn’t a career woman with a never-ending to-do-list to accomplish.  I was just the wide-eyed wanderer with no care in the world.    

Eventually, the skyline turned red and the sun hid itself among the now-deep purple clouds.



3 thoughts on “Camiguin: My Favorite Sunset Photos Taken at Action Geckos

    1. milai Post author

      Thank you. I just got lucky. The sunset itself is very colorful so any camera would have captured its orange tint.

      Your photos are beautiful!


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