Today’s Sunset, March 18, 2015

sunset 031815.2
The above is by far the most perfectly rounded sun I’ve seen from my side of the world.  I actually did not notice the plane until I zoomed in for a shot and by then, I was a little late (who knew a plane could fly so fast?!) and missed that moment when the airplane was not directly beneath the sun.  It would have been a better photo frame-wise and I would have captioned the above “into the sunset…”

Anyway, here’s my first shot from today’s set, which was taken before the sun turned a darker shade of orange.

sunset 031815.1

I also walked around for a better view of the sunset and came up with these photos.

sunset 031815.4sunset 031815.3
Here’s my favorite from this whole set.

sunset 031815.5

I had to tiptoe to reach my preferred branches to frame the sun with, but the above photo is definitely worth all the trouble I went to.


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