Brave Tales #2: Beautiful Sunset at Suba Basbas

While out biking in my usual Marigondon Beach, Suba-Basbas, Guerillero, Quezon National Highway route, I had to do a detour when I reached Suba Basbas Elementary School because I saw a really rounded setting sun. Unfortunately, the school was already closed so I had no vantage point. I thus just drove around until I reached this spot.

Sunset Suba-Basbas 01
Beautiful, isn’t it?

I was a little late because the sun was already almost halfway on the horizon when I arrived so I had no choice but to keep on snapping photos in Auto mode.

Here’s my favorite from this set.

Sunset Suba-Basbas 02
Don’t you love how this tree provided an interesting backdrop to this fiery sunset?  The tree is a frangipani and it’s almost in full bloom so I plan to visit it again to take photos of its flowers.

By the way, here’s a zoomed-in shot of the rounded sun.

Sunset Suba-Basbas 03
Sunsets have been so fiery lately and perhaps it is because it’s summer.

When I couldn’t see the sun anymore, I decided to head home and chanced on these orange clouds at Guerrillero.

All photos taken using my Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX 100 II.


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