Today’s Sunrise, April 04, 2015

It’s the Easter holiday in the Philippines right now so these past days, I was just holed up in my room catching up on some reading and crafts.  Today though, I had no choice but to get up early since I promised K yesterday that we will have breakfast at 6 AM.

When I stepped out of my room, my attention was drawn to the very dramatic skyline so I headed to the lagoon to check the view and was greeted with this dramatic sunrise.

sunrise 040415-01
So beautiful, especially with how everything was reflected on the lagoon.  And the blue, white, yellow, and green colors complemented each other so well.

Thankfully, K was late so I had time to take more photos.

sunrise 040415-02
The above was taken at the resort’s fishing pond.  Just look at that skyline and again, the tree reflecting beautifully on the water.

Right beside the fishing pond is Xanadu Lodge, which afforded me this view.  And because the coconut tree was so tall, I had to do a panoramic shot to fully capture it.

Sunrise 040415-03
All photos taken using an iPhone 6 and edited using Snapseed’s HDR mode.


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