Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nightscapes

Night 0

“Night is a world lit by itself.” – Antonio Porchia

I have always loved the above quote because it is the embodiment of my love for nightscapes. There is something beautiful about shadows and darkness and light working together to create scenes that differentiate them from their daytime appeal.

Night 1

In the morning, the above photo would have described a tropical paradise.  The water would have been blue-green and there would be clouds and palm trees and white sand.  Guests would be present, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, or just plain swimming.  Come night time, though, the scene takes a somewhat haunting tone, but it’s still as beautiful, perhaps even more intriguingly so.

I love night time so much that I even blogged about it here. An excerpt from that same blog reads,

The stillness of the night beckons to me. I don’t know but there has always been something about the dead of the night that appeals to me. Maybe it’s because there is a certain surge of power in knowing that while the world is resting, I am the solitary moving figure unclaimed by sleep’s spell.

The above still rings true. There are times when unclaimed by sleep, I would don my exercise attire and run off into the night. Or I would just set out, find my quiet spot then enjoy the views before me.

Night 3

Sometimes, I get lucky and chance upon a full moon, or a sky blanketed with stars.

Night 4

All photos taken at Plantation Bay, my workplace cum home in Cebu, with an iPhone 6.  Editing courtesy of Apple’s photo editor, Snapseed, and Mextures.

This post is an entry to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.  Head to Lens and Pens by Sally to view the other entries.  One is free to choose a theme on the 4th week, so I opted for Night Photography.


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