Samboan: Gorion Beach Resort

sunset by the resort's beachfront

sunset by the resort’s beachfront

As mentioned in my previous post about Fantasy Lodge, we ended up staying at Gorion Beach because Fantasy Lodge was fully booked.

We became walk-in guests because the number on the official Samboan Android app turned out to be the personal number of the previous caretaker and while she was kind enough to provide us with the contact number of the owner (+63922 927 4645), no one was picking up or replying to our SMS when we contacted them.

I did not expect Gorion Beach to be my typical choice of resort, but I was still unprepared for the sorry state of our room.

our room

our room

Paint was peeling off at some parts of the walls and the furniture was mismatched and riddled with scratches. The lamp shade was dirty and the curtains were dusty, while the air-conditioning was very noisy.

Worse, the bathroom had yellow tiles and grout.

Gorion 02
And there were no toiletries, not even a roll of tissue paper. Good thing I always travel with tissues and wet wipes and my own set of toiletries.

The saving grace of this “resort” is its staff who are very kind and accommodating. This, and the fact that it is a beachfront property with beautiful views of the setting sun as evident from the main photo from this post.

Here is my set of sunset photos taken at Gorion Beach.

Gorion 06Gorion 05
Did you notice the strong waves? I haven’t seen anyone swim at the beach in front of Gorion in the two days that we were there, but Alex (one of our guides who is also a staff at the resort) assured us that it’s safe to swim here, but only during low tide.

We were lucky to have witnessed the setting sun from start to finish so we were able to watch it
paint the sky a golden yellow, to shades of red orange.

Gorion 04Gorion 08
By the way, Gorion Beach has cottages by its beach, and that’s where I took these photos, and where we stayed most of the time while we were sunset- watching.

Gorion 07
Ultimately, the sun retired into the horizon and we were left with just the colorful sky and the choppy waters to admire.

Gorion 09
And right before we left our spot a local sat by the beach to admire the views so I took her photo to add a focal point to this shot.

Gorion 10

Despite these lovely views and its proximity to local attractions and even the local market, I am still not recommending Gorion Beach Resort because its accommodations are not well-maintained. I don’t mind a bare accommodation so long as it’s clean and sadly, our room just wasn’t.


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