Samboan: Fantasy Lodge

Fantasy 01

So after writing a teaser post about my trip to the US, which kept me off blogging for almost 2 months, I’m back to writing about where I left off.

Now Fantasy Lodge is my fondest memory of Samboan. I fell in love with its rustic charm at first sight online, and it’s just too bad that it was fully booked during our stay so we ended up staying at Gorion Beach. Still, we took the time to visit Fantasy Lodge for lunch.

Food was our greatest challenge in Samboan because there were no decent restaurants in the area and we had to go to the wet market twice to eat at the same carinderia.  Thus, it was sheer joy to step into Fantasy Lodge to dine.

We ordered Pizza Margherita, Crème brûlée, and Piña Colada.

Fantasy 10
The pizza was good, though it would have been better if they used cherry tomatoes (I was under the impression that they used local tomatoes, which was more sour). My sweet tooth appreciated the Crème brûlée, though I would have appreciated it more if it wasn’t served too chilled. I didn’t like the Piña Colada because it tasted too strongly of rum so I managed just a few sips of it.

The owner was kind enough to let us wander around before and after our meal, so we had the opportunity to discover the resort’s facilities an appreciate its quaint charm.

Fantasy 06
I loved the tile floors of the hallway with some kind of boat on its wall and the hammock by the pool.

Fantasy Lodge had a spa too, but it was fully booked so even when our bodies were screaming for some pampering after our falls hopping adventure the day before, we had to skip this. Of course, they had a pool, a beachfront (we didn’t get to go all the way down to check this out), and unique accommodations like The Dome. They had a bar too with unique seating (the orange couches in the succeeding photo).

Fantasy 11
What I loved most at the resort was their viewdeck, which was perfect for lounging around while reading a book, or just chilling while appreciating the calming views of the sea.

Fantasy 04
Their pool was also nice, but too small for my taste, but because it was a small private resort, only registered guests have exclusive use of this facility, so I guess it’s fine.

Fantasy 03
Fantasy Lodge also has a beautiful garden. Here are some of my finds during my short visit.

Fantasy 09
Aren’t they lovely, especially the fully bloomed rose, but my favorite would have been the flower of the Passion Fruit, so here’s a solo shot of it.

Fantasy 05
They had this Plumeria tree too with vivid red flowers, which is really rare since I usually find this in white, yellow, or light pink.  What more, the same tree has flowers in different shades of pink and red.

Fantasy 07
What an interesting find.  Note the two vivid red ones and the solitary pinkish white plumeria flower with yellowish center.

At the resort, we also met their resident monkey named Pogi (Filipino for handsome), and he was quite the charmer. That is, until he bared his fangs.

Fantasy 08
Pogi was an entertainer at heart.  It would let out a whoop each time we passed by and each time I aimed my camera at him, he would stop moving around and “pose” so I could take a shot.

We were at Fantasy Lodge only for a couple of hours, but it became my fondest memory of Samboan because the place is just so pretty.  Someday, I will come back so I could spend a night or two.

Check out Fantasy Lodge when in Samboan.  Contact them via +63917 700 6027, or visit their official Facebook page.

Fantasy 02


6 thoughts on “Samboan: Fantasy Lodge

  1. Tina Blackledge

    Great photos, as usual! I was so glad you took a close up of the passion fruit flower! It is like a living firework, just lovely! This is a very beautiful resort and I very much appreciate your detailed description. I feel as if I am there, lounging in the pool! God Bless!

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    1. milai Post author

      Hi. I think it’s Php 2,000 per night, exclusive of meals. You can also get in touch with them since room rates depend on the season and the number of persons.


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