Cebu: Views from Crown Regency Towers

views from Crown Regency (1)

While I lived in Cebu for almost a decade, I’ve never seen its cityscape in broad daylight as I live in Mactan, so I was ecstatic when a friend invited me over to Crown Regency.  This 40-storey hotel is renowned for its Edge Coaster and Sky Observatory.

views from Crown Regency (2)

The hotel is right smack in the middle of Cebu City, so it granted me views of not just the mountains, but a wide expanse of the city.

views from Crown Regency (4)

Cebu is not yet a mega-city so its cityscape isn’t all towering buildings and skyscrapers.  I wonder though, if the city government strictly follows its master plan.  (While visiting Chicago, my host shared that she felt bad that Manila did not follow its master plan.  If it did, it would have been a twin city of Chicago, as Manila Bay was supposed to be the counterpart of Lake Michigan and Luneta of Millennium Park.)

Going back to Cebu, Crown Regency’s viewdeck also afforded me views of the sea.

views from Crown Regency (5)

“That’s the pier,” my friend shared when we walked to the side of the viewdeck that’s opposite the main edge coaster line.

views from Crown Regency (6)

While I loved the views, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness.  You see, when in Cebu for my practicum in 2004, a friend brought us to Tops at night to see the city’s nightscape.  Then, the city, while already bustling, wasn’t as packed.

views from Crown Regency (7)

So I was surprised to see how urbanized it is now.  (And look at how parts of the mountain were decimated just so they could build more houses.)  😦


19 thoughts on “Cebu: Views from Crown Regency Towers

    1. milai Post author

      Please say thank you to your friends for recommending our country to you. The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country and there are so many things to do and so many places to see here. I hope you can visit the Philippines soon.

      1. milai Post author

        Ha ha. Drop me a line when you’re coming over. I’ve been to most of our beaches and mountains and cities so I can make recommendations. 🙂

  1. jewey

    your pictures make me miss cebu. i was imagining myself standing where you stood and looking down at the roofs of houses and trying to identify the buildings. cebu, indeed, is growing. i can’t even recognize the tall buildings anymore!

    1. milai Post author

      True. So many developments recently. Did you know that Cebu now has SM Seaside, the 3rd largest mall in PHL? And Ayala has undergone expansions. Robinson has a new mall too. And in August, Bai Hotel will rise in Recla. Even Mactan’s landscape has changed so much.

      1. jewey

        i’ve seen heaps of photos on people’s blogs and facebook taken at sm seaside. everyone seemed to go crazy about its opening and i must admit it made me excited too. even if kutob ra ko sa pictures. hehe.

        i’m glad you posted photos of cebu’s cityscape. it’s nice to see her changes and feel as if i never left.

      2. milai Post author

        Perti ra bang trapika atong opening. Some say Robinsons is better. Samok daw ang Seaside kay since naay squatters beside it, naay mga beggars unya maglinya daw ka sa escalator kay ang mga uban magduwa up-and-down sa escalator. Haven’t been there kay wala pa nag open tanang shops nya samukan ko sa traffic sa bridge. Hapit diri sa PB ha nigbalik nimo. 🙂

      3. jewey

        sorry, nag loading ko. unsay PB?

        ingon sad akong manghod na kinda hawan pa daw ang sm sa srp but i’m not surprised because it looks HUGE in the pictures. it might take a while to fill it up with shops, all things considered.

      4. jewey

        oh, yeah. i think plantation bay is really nice. i’ve only been there once but i loved it. i wanna take my future kid and nieces there someday.

        someday. =)

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