Singapore: Marina May Sands’ Wonder Full Light and Water Show

Light Show Main Photo

According to its official website, Marina Bay Sands’ Wonder Full Light and Water Show is Southeast Asia’s largest light and water show.

I watched this show on my 4th night in Singapore. By this time, I had explored much of the city so when I found out about this on TripAdvisor, my colleague and I decided to check it out. It’s a free activity, anyway.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands as viewed from one of its entrances

The place was packed, but despite the notice that says show times start at 8 PM, the show did not start until past 9 PM.

Light Show 02

the crowded Event Plaza at the Promenade, where the show is best seen

Light Show Schedule

the schedule

To while away time, I roamed around the Promenade to take photos.

Singapore is so pretty at night, don’t you think?

Louis Vuitton SGLight Show 01
While I had an enjoyable time taking photos, the wait was so long that we got hungry and had no choice but to eat at nearby Bazin (detailed review to follow).

Finally, the show began.  Based on the voice-over, this almost 15-minute show was about a drop of water representing the birth of life.

Light Show Collage 04

It then showed the important stages of a person’s life such as childhood, adulthood, and old age.

Light Show Collage 02

The colorful lights were really nice to look out.  The colors were just so vivid and they contrasted nicely against the dark sky.

Light Show Collage 03
They said the show incorporates some of the most advanced and the latest Laservision technology ever created.   No wonder the light show aspect of this show was impressive.

The water fountains were less impressive, though. I had seen the Dancing Waters of Bellagio when I visited Las Vegas, and this paled in comparison to it.

Light Show Collage 01

Wonder Full Light and Water Show is touted as an amazing convergence of light, music, and sound.  I was disappointed, however, because the images inside the lights were blurry and the narration was difficult to understand.  Honestly, this was even more disappointing than Hong Kong’s A Symphony of Lights.

Though this show is shown nightly, weather permitting, shows and show times are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of Marina Bay Sands’ management, so do check this out when you happen to see it. I was disappointed, yes, but it’s still something worth seeing if only for seeing the beautiful Singapore skyline at night.

Light Show 03

For more information about the show, please click HERE to get to Marina Bay Sands’ Wonder Full page.


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