Brave Tales #1: Finding our Savannah

Brave 01

Does this look like Africa? Nah, this was taken in our favorite biking trail.

Last week, I introduced Brave, my new Merida mountain bike in this post. Since then, we’ve been cruising around Lapu-Lapu in search of our preferred biking trail.

Yesterday, I discovered our favorite. It’s the Suba Basbas Road-Guerrillero-Marigondon Beach Road route. It instantly appealed to me because Suba Basbas and Guerrillero are not main roads so there were fewer cars and tricycles to contend with. There are just so many crazy drivers in the Philippines that it’s always a struggle to drive along its roads, especially when onboard a bike. I wish someday all roads will have bike lanes…

Anyway, this route became an instant favorite because it also afforded me beautiful views of the sunset. The main photo of this post was taken there.  It was such a beautiful spot and the sky looked so colorful it looked unreal. One friend even commented it looked like I was in some savannah or safari in Africa.

Here’s another photo from that same spot.

Isn’t it beautiful?


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