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Almost Heaven


I found the above photo while I was backing up my online accounts/photos to my external hard drive. Isn’t it such a beauty?

All the photos in this post were taken while onboard the plane on my first trip from Manila to Hong Kong in October 2010. Thanks to my window seat, I was able to enjoy the view and take these snapshots.


Looking at these also brought back memories of my first digital camera, which was a Canon Ixus 70 that I bought on my first bonus and 13th month pay in my current company. It was also on this trip that I decided to buy a better camera since despite Mira (I did mention here that I name all my gadgets, didn’t I?) being a good camera as evidenced by this set of photos, she cannot take good night shots.

Here’s another favorite, which a friend aptly captioned, “A glimpse of heaven on Earth.”


Sunlight Streaming Through the Clouds

Crepuscular rays

at Fisherman’s Village, Batanes

I love this photo because it has three of my favorite photography subjects: the sun(set or rise), the clouds, and the sea.

And I just love how the sunlight streams through the clouds. It almost looks like sunrise breaking in but this was actually taken about half an hour before the sun would set.

When I googled “Sunlight Streaming Through the Clouds,” I learned that this phenomenon is called Crepuscular Rays. Alternative names are Divine Light, Buddha’s Rays, Gateways to Heaven, God’s Rays, Jacob’s Ladder, Beams of Jesus, Shafts of Light, Sunburst, etc.  Interesting.

Looking at it does make you remember God and His wondrous creations, doesn’t it?  No wonder photos with crepuscular rays are a favorite in religious calendars and books.

Cebu: Nalusuan Island

Originally a sandbar, Nalusuan Island was reclaimed to allow the construction of Nalusuan Island Resort.

The weather was particularly cooperative when we set sail. As always, the beach lover in me basked in the simple joy of watching the deep blues of the sea.


The skies and clouds were also quite fetching.


From afar, it was obvious this almost-a-hectare island looked lush and quite inviting.


Here’s how its view deck looked up close.


We actually did not go down on its main island because my friends were just after snorkeling. Two of us also opted to stay on the boat.  Even from there, the view was quite scenic.


Later, I decided to walk around this wooden walkway with colorful swags..


The said walkway was made of coconut planks and I recommend not walking on them barefoot to avoid getting pricked by their tiny bits, which was what happened to me.

Here’s a shot of our boat and boatman who patiently waited for my friends while they’re snorkeling.


Yep, Ms. Flirt is the name of our boat that my friend and colleague rented from Plantation Bay for a few hours.

While walking around the plank, my friends coaxed me into joining them but I declined because even from where I was, I could clearly see a lot of fishes.



If you’re into snorkeling and diving, I really recommend this place because it’s teeming with fishes.  Just make sure to brings lots of bread to feed the fishes with.

A word of caution: They can be quite strict in charging entrance fees because they charged even those who did not go snorkeling on the premise that our boat was docked on the island. They also went as far as charging the one year old infant who was with us. Boo hoo.

Of Clouds and Sunsets

It’s been days since I made updates to this blog and that’s because I went to Manila for a much-needed respite.

My flight’s at 3:50 PM and since I knew my flight hours would coincide with the time when the sun would set, I specifically requested for a window seat.  Here are photos of my view of the sky.


I was actually sleepy the entire duration of my flight but there was a bawling baby two seats behind me so my ears were treated to some jarring “perk-me-up.”  Good thing there were views like these to calm my frayed nerves.



Finally, sunset came and as always, the sunset lover in me was treated to a captivating skyline of light yellow and orange against blue.





Sunsets are so pretty, don’t you think?  Especially when viewed up close, say from a plane’s window seat.